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06 November 2011 @ 02:25 pm
Update and NaNoWriMo  
Sooo I'm behind in my word count. I'm not surprised about that. And I'm being lazy this weekend. Not so surprising either.  What is nice though is I've got my room all to myself (and its clean!)

What I have been doing is redefining my notes for my story. Much much better now and I actually understand my own plot now. Horray!  Though I am still trying to decide if the book should be divided into equal thirds talking about each 'world' or not... probably will just end up brushing on Middle Realm... because we already know plenty about it we all live there. Paradiso will be talked about via flashbacks and such... and Hell well be the only world really explained.  Why am I so much more in love with the demons than the angels?! *head keyboard* I think Lucifer is into incest. *cough*

So on ward with writing. I plan to writing at least 5K or more today (already have at least 1K done) to make up for being lazy all week. Then try to actually keep up with my word count during the week.

Will edit this post later with update word count around 12am.

+ Eatting Russian Sunflower seeds.. ahhh what a great past time... Want my vodka though.

Word Count at 11:50pm

6537 / 50000 words. 13% done!

Didn't get to the 5K but I got 3K. I'm happy. And will probably write a hell of a lot more tomorrow.
Night ya'll!
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