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01 November 2011 @ 12:23 am
NaNoWriMo Word Count so far
980 / 50000 words. 2% done!

Yup that's good enough for tonight. Back to working on my homework. I'll write more after class.
31 October 2011 @ 03:03 pm
Soooo even though I am really freaking hungry and really goddamn sleep deprivation ATM, I'm posting because I'm excited NaNoWriMo starts TOOOONIGHT!!! YESSSS!!! I wants candy though ;___;... Ohhh wells~

I will say more later, off to find/eat food. Nap. Take story notes off hard drive... Go to gym. Work on homework. Go to gym. Shower. Writing. Bed. And then it's Tuesday.
26 October 2011 @ 03:33 pm
Sooo... in about just a week aka next Tuesday on the 1st of November NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins! How exciting! Thought I am so swamped with work this semester I re-registered to compete in it for this year! I'm going to be working on my Angels and Demons and philosophical novel; Eye of Enlightenment.

Hopefully that'll all work out ok... Anyways onward to working on my 3D project due tomorrow because I won't have time later. Peace out!

http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/l-e-n-e-x - NaNoWriMo profile....

Also, check out my two random phail videos-
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRJ8V9Dfwls - The Universe (on crack and trippy)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r56kNDXgCws - Thoughts of an Artist (more philosophical crap)

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Music: Remix shit
12 September 2011 @ 10:34 am
Let's see... This weekend... I went to Newark... slept well, went shopping for fridge and art supplies. Did my hair blonde except its more strawberry blonde. Slept pretty well again. Had good workout, laundry, and conditioned my hair. Lastly I spent 8+ hours on my 3D class last name assignment. Got not so many hours of sleep and went to my 8:30am class. Next class is at 11:30am and I plan to get COFFEE!

Unfortunally I now have to remodel/do my 3D name tag thing so I make sure to get an even better grade! Its ok currently but I know I can make it better!!!! OK time for nap! JK

I still need to do my video assignment which is due Wednesday night... Not sure how it's supposed to be done. I hate when professors don't specify! Maybe I just need the raw video and we'll be editing it in class? I'm not sure!!! ARGHH!!! *flops over*

OK Time to get going here!
Mood: tiredNeed Sleep
07 September 2011 @ 09:13 am
I'll be posting sometime today-ish I think. Depends if I have time or if I space out as per usual. Hahah~

Just moved into Campus yesterday. It's awesome. And the place is NEW! HHAHA! I like it.

Man, I'm really spaced out or I'm just trying to figure out like how I woke up at 7am. o__o!

Also does not help that I did a lot of drinking pior to returning to college. I feel so zoned/partied out. How do college kids do that all the time? Damn... I sound like an old fart. XD

Everyone thinks college is about parting and looking great and being assholes... etc... its soo fucking stupid. I'm going to college for an education and just to get my degree. If I show up wet and kinda pissed off well I don't really care. College feels like high school... again.... Gay!

Ok See ya'll later

Also, on a side note. Lady Gaga invaded my brain and won't leave me alone. It's very annoying!
Mood: annoyedannoyed
Music: Lady Gaga- Born This Way
04 September 2011 @ 11:43 pm
Shitttt~~~!!! I am/was really drunk before/after/now not to sure anymore. Actually I'm probably not as drunk as I was 3 hours ago. Crazy Russians!

So got to Dad's then we decided to go to the beach like 2 days ago. That was fun then got hair cut. Then next dad we chilled then drove through Cliff Side Park which was amazing! And then finally got to Suffern NY. We stayed at a huge as fuck house with a friend of my step mom's place. CRAZY! LOL! Best line of the first night was and will stay in my mind for quite some time is: "My friend she's 60's years old and wears high heels... she's a prostitute.... ETC!..." Afterwards and onto the next day I laughed sooooo hard! OMG! Hahahha! And so Today, got up had breakfast outside, then played with baby. She was really cute! And I want one! AWWW~~~ Anyways, then played/talked with step brother for long time like 6 hours. Then eventually had dinner. I got really really drunk! I drank like over 2liters of wine. And laughed a lot. Anyways lots of fun at dinner.

Then as we were leaving LOL, Olega (woman that owned the house aka my step mom's friend) offered wine. LOL. Drive back, me and my step bro were crazy and then he dressed as a terrorist and MORE LOL! OMG!

Lots of fun.

31 August 2011 @ 01:04 pm
SOOOO! RANDOMLY! My CD driver on my MAC started working again. I ended up staring at my computer for a good five minutes before wanting to headdesk. Seriously WTF?! Temperamental whore! So I ended up playing Sims for like 2/3 days straight. Yeah... I had a bad case of Insomnia. I also had to deal with a whining dog, a crazy mother who doesn't know when to STFU (yes this is my own mother I'm talking about), and whatever else. Not fun when I'm irritable from not sleeping.

Then as soon as I wanted to download victorian content to make Kuroshitsuji sims, Sims 3 decides to be a cunt! GRR~ I'll try to fix it YET again! Soon... So lazy right now...

I fly home to NY today! HORRAY! Board my plane in like... 20 mins now. YAY! When I get to dad's I'm showering and taking a freaking nap!

I move in the 6th and start the 7th. Hopefully before than we can go to Dorney Park or something. I so need it cause I've had no fun all summer.

I also had Sex with the Bartender last night. HAHA! That's a drink actually. 2oz Jager, 2oz peach scnaps and 8oz of cranberry juice. OMG it was good!

Thats all. I'll post more PAN later today/tomorrow. God knows I'll have nothing better to do.

PS: Also finally watched Kuroshitsuji II YAYA!!! It was really good! I was in love with Alois and Hannah. And then SPOILER!!!!!!!! AHEM. MEMMEM! Can I have Sebas-Chan as my personal butler!? I'll gladly sell my soul to that sexy demon!

Also caught up on the manga too! ZOMBIESSSS!!!! YAYA! OMG! *cries* it was soo good!
26 August 2011 @ 12:30 am

Haha! I thought I would totally hate season 2 because of the new characters and because it goes completely off track from the manga... but then again there were things in the manga I was not to happy about too...

Season two was pretty awesome. I mean in the end the Yaoi fangirls are probably nose-bleeding to death. Mwah aha hahah!

I actually like Alois... I felt pitiful for him. X3 And Claude was such a fail but otherwise good looking. I also liked the triplet demons and Hannah the slutty maid. Heheh~ Oh boy~ On to the OVAs~
25 August 2011 @ 12:26 pm
So laptop is still being a tard and CD driver still isn't reading... Whatever~ I will go get it fixed later like... either when I got see my brother in a few days because theres an apple store there in Tampa or when I get back to NY theres on in Times Square thats underground and pretty and usual chock full of people!

In the mean time with nothing else to do I've been working on the opening/first chapters of En|D|voy: Pandemonium. The switching back and forth from Kry to Hamui is rather fun. Emo Angst Emo Angst.... Ahem... SEXUAL TENSION!


I've got a sore throat too. Meh~ I don't like. Took some stuffs and also did this thing thats a cup of water, table spoon of honey, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Burns the fuck out of my throat but hopefully it'll do the job. I can try some sage too know that helps.

Also got run burn on my one knee. I don't know how or remember when? Which is random... *sigh*

I just feel like... I really don't have the ability to 'care' for things anymore. Which is horrible. And to top it off my dad has to be an ass and remind me that I can't just say I love you but I need to show I care for said person. Ummm... that's nice and all and is a great way to make me feel like an asshole... But I'm not really sure how to show that anymore... Hugs, I guess but I can't do that over the phone. I'm not great at showing emotion in my voice or over the phone. I hate talking on the phone. *sighs* I don't even know how to sympathize anymore to be honest. So it's really hard and no one seems to understand this/ make it easier for me.

Oh well. whats the point of sounded like an emo complaining about things...
Mood: sicksick
23 August 2011 @ 07:35 pm
God! MY life fucking ass sucks! Honestly! What the hell is wrong here! I think a divine begin just wants me to be pissed off and not happy with things!

So yesterday I'm not sure what day it is anymore actually. All I know was I was very upset/annoyed. Had to pay for my classes but money wasn't there. I freaked out and freaked out some more because I talked with my father about meal plans. You need one if you live in the halls I'm living in this semester. He freaked out at me I was kind of calm/blase. He asked me what the difference between a Constant and (N) black pass. I nearly head desked so hard. SERIOUSLY!? What the hell do you think constant means? HONESTLY?! Constant = Unlimited of course you moron. In the end I got a 125 Block with 250 Flex because I'd rather have more cash than block. I fucking hate block!

In addition my elder brother who is not the smarter than me obviously... His Boy Friend didn't lock his BENZ! I mean... COME THE FUCK ON! A rich car like that not locked is just itching to be broken into. Well thats what happened. Some wires and devices got stolen, almost the CD player too... and my brother's key set with the car beeper to his Rav4 went missing. Now, come on... really? I won't even say how stupid that all is!

So to cheer myself up I went to Target picked up Sims 3 because I want to fucking play it dammit! I want to make DMC and laugh my ass off at stupid things or even my own characters. I installed on my Macbook Pro, played with some DL content... then it was stupid so I tried to get the one program that lets you see broken content. Of course it's only for PC so I tried WineBottler to open a exe on my Mac... well I tried and tried and tried all kinds of other methods too (like Mono) and nada. So I was like fuck this! So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled then tried installing small amounts of custom content... Well... When I got to boot it my CD driver suddenly decides to take a shit. Honestly! I'm so fucking angry right now! Looked at forums and people are saying it could be because of a MAC XOS security update. My last one of thoses was in June.... and the last thing updated was iTunes... WTF! GRRR! I don't know what to do....

Sooooo anyways, after FAILed attempts (mind you I sat through making the DMC crew perfectly twice) I decided fuck this I feel like shit. And took a two hour nap during an awesome as fuck thunder shower. Earlier in the day though I had another anticlimactic phone conversation with my dad. In which he finally paid my tuition and he experienced an earthquake. He also said something rather stupid to be again but atm it evades me. Honestly, the guy is one of the smartest people I know and yet he is so fucking stupid at the same damn time.

Once I stop feeling like a zombie again I'll just zone everything else out and write for the rest of my break. Because I am obviously not going to be doing anything else... The only way to fix my CD driver (because it even spits out other CDs too the temperamental ass!) is to either uninstall the Security Update.... which I don't know how to do.... or go to a genius bar to have a nerd dumbass look at it... the closes one down here is Tampa... closes one when I go to NY is in the city. I'll just wait then... I guess... I just wonder how much this shit is going to cost me. *growls irritatedly*